With Spring and Summer approaching, you will want to take advantage of this sneak peek of products that will be in the new 2022-2023 Annual Catalog.
Each of the world’s wide and open oceans is brimming with beauty and wonder. Marvelous marine animals, miles of submerged mountain ranges, and unique underwater plants lie thousands of feet below Earth’s dry surface, encouraging exploration and awaiting discovery.
Discover the depths of the ocean—and your artistic abilities—with the Waves of the Ocean Collection!
This coastal collection includes an inspiring set of stamps and detailed dies, both early-release products from the upcoming 2022–2023 Annual Catalog. Plus, a pack of paper made from images of hand-poured paint, blue-hued foil sheets for a sea of shine, and radiant rhinestones for a splash of sparkle.
As a demonstrator, I’ve had a chance to play with these amazing products during February, and I can tell you~ they are really amazing!
The DSP, the foils, the rhinestones! Fabulous!
Explore artistic expression with the Waves of the Ocean Collection. With these seaside supplies, you’ll dive into inspiration and swim in a sea of creativity! Take a look at the new products in the video below.

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