What a privilege to have this special National holiday set aside to make a  unified effort as a nation to show gratefulness for our many blessings.  I also realize that for many this year has been a time of great loss.  Our paths have no guarantee of what is coming tomorrow, do they?

One thing that I am very grateful for is this beautiful bouquet of flowers that arrived today from my daughter.  The note attached says: You are the BEST MOM EVER!!!  Love, Your Favorite Voice Shelly.  When I need to hear a loving voice, it’s Shelly voice that I want to hear!

I also want to share this cute little note that I received from Pam Overstreet and Terri Ragano.

They included a check inside and the check was held by these pumpkins that were only anchored at the bottom.  Isn’t this the greatest idea?!  Thank you, Pam and Terri!

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