I was out walking on Saturday and passed my good friend, Roxie’s home.  When I saw cars in front of her home, I remembered that she was having a stamps class that morning.  Larry had the garage door up, so I asked him if I could just pop in and say “hi” to everyone!

So after I had stuck my head through the kitchen door to say hi, Roxie said, “Oh here take this.”  And then there were three more gifts, too!  It was so much fun to say “Hi” to the women and then walk out with treats that I can share with my neighbors, too!

Tracey Funsten gave me this little treat made with the Delightful Tag Topper Punch.  The bottom is scored so that it has a 1″ width to sit on. You can make the sides as tall as you want so that it fits what you are going to slip inside.  So it is 2″ x whatever size you choose. Just punch each end with the  DelightfulTag Topper Punch.

Delightful Tag Topper Punch, Gift

And look what was inside! A 1 oz. Napa Valley Sunset Hand Sanitizer from Bath & Body Works! They have a number of different scents that you can choose from.

Roxie gave me two gifts.  The first is her homemade peanut brittle.

And Roxie also made some homemade fudge housed in the cutest little gift bag made with the hallows Night Magic Bundle!.

Lorriane Brown gave me some amazing salt water taffy in this cute little ghost bag!

Thank you, ladies!  I guess you just have to know where the party is happening!!!

Thank you for stopping by. 

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