I've disappeared for the last two weeks because I have been finishing up all the prep for my annual calendar class!

My first calendar class was back in 2011… 8 years ago!

Here is a picture of the ladies who attended the first class for this year last Saturday.  I have five more classes so that we can all finish up!

Left to right:  Carol, Janet, Debbie, Chris, Carinda, and Cindy.

We make one calendar per month and put them into a little Jewel Case.

People are making from one set up to twenty five sets!

The little calendars make great Christmas gifts.


  CLICK HERE to get the free template if you would like to  print off for blank calendars for the 12 months of 2019.

You can cut them to fit the case or picture frame of your choice for display.

If you save this template in Word, you can go in each year and easily update the numbers for the following year.


This particular jewel case is from E-Bay. But you can find other jewel cases.

Feel free to email me if you are interested in getting the pictures and directions for each of the 12 months. 

The price is $5.50 if you want to use PayPal.

It's $5 if you want to send a check.


I don't try to use only current Stampin' Up! products, even though a lot of these calendars do use only current products.

The directions include the name of each set used on that particular month and step by step instructions.


Please e-mail me if you have any questions or feedback or would like the document with the pics and directions.

Thank you for stopping by!

Thank you for stopping by. 

Please e-mail me if you have any questions or feedback