It's fun to draw out the celebrations as long as possible, right!

Friday night I had friends over for a potluck dinner, Apples to Apples, and a lot of conversation!

Great fun!

 On Saturday, my actual birthday,

Brad, Vanessa, Lillie, Gabriel, Shelly, Joshua, Jeremy, and Jaelyn came over and brought food to barbeque!

Look good?  They were DELICIOUS!! Brad was the master chef on preparing and cooking these.


Gabe was the master chef for these stuffed burgers.  They LOOKED great! But I stuck to the chicken.


Shelly made this amazing veggie salad and we were good to go!


Lillie, Joshua, Sandy, Jeremy, Jaelyn


Gabriel, Joshua (Oops!  Eyes closed), and Jeremy


Shelly and Jaelyn


Vanessa was feeling good, so I didn't end up getting a picture of her and Brad.

The Joshua and Jaelyn and I played Jenga.  They are really good at it!



Here is Jaelyn with her new Elsa cap and braid.


As always, it was "just what she always wanted":):):)

Sunday, I went out to lunch with a friend after church.  The Stone Fire Grill has a lot of variety and is so delicious.

Well that is all the celebrating for this weekend.

But there is more to come!

Thanks for stopping by:):)


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