My family and I flew out last Friday for Tupelo MS.  We had a memorial service there for family who came in from IL, TX, and AL.

So this not a time that I have been stamping.  Many of you have experienced a death in the family and know that it really changes your pace for a while.

Friday, was my cousin, Carol's birthday.  We ate at the famous Rendevous barbecue place in Memphis!

I had been up since 2:15 a.m.when this picture of Carol and me was taken!


Here are my nieces five children and Shelly's three.  They had never met and had such a great time together!


I honestly have no energy to continue posting!  I mostly rested and watch Hallmark movies all day!

I really needed a down day, but I did want to say "hi" and let you know that I had been out of town.

We flew in late Monday night and got in bed at midnight!

Thank you for stopping by!


Thank you for stopping by. 

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