Last Sunday was jaelyn's first dance recital.  She will be 4 in January.

During rehersals she was pretty focused.  But there also those "space cadet" moments.

We didn't know quite what to expect at the recital.

Much to our joy, when the music started, jaelyn started dancing just like one of the little ballerinas in a wind up music box.  The other three little girls, who were older, were looking around to see what they were suppose to be doing.  jaelyn was oblivious to them.  She focused and danced just like a little doll.

 Jaelyn and her teacher.


Jaelyn and Gabe


The Garcia 5


After the recital, Gabe and Shelly had a party for Jaelyn.  She made sure that everyone knew that they were coming to HER party:):):)


What a great afternoon and evening.

We are all so proud of Jaelyn!!!

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Thank you for stopping by. 

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