Well, I don't seem to be in focus, but I enjoyed getting to chat with the CEO, Shelli Gardner, at the Manger's Reception the first night of the conference.  She is so personable and friendly.


On Thursday night while the weather was warmer, a group of us took the boat tour through the River Walk.

The lights were lit and it felt like a wonderland as we floated around the 30 minute route.  There are a lot of restaurants and shops on either side of the river.  In fact….we rode right through the middle of a taping of Extreme Home Makeover!

Here are my compadres!!

Lt to rt:  Carol, Stephanie, Cindee, Gloria, Patty, and me.




Tye  (spelling?) and his team were there filming a Christmas Extreme Make Over 2012 show.  Ten deserving vets and their families were there.  By Christmas, they will all have new homes courtesy of this program.  The audience was on one side of the river. The vet's friends were on the other, and we floated right through the middle of the filming!!!!

On our way to the hotel, we drove past the Alamo, but I didn't have time to take the tour.  At least the RiverWalk gave us a great flavor of the San Antonio area.

I'll put in some more card ideas tomorrow.  Just had to show share some of last week's fun with you!

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