Haugh Auditorium at Citrus College is known for it's great productions and today was no exception.  The cast was superb!  I walked out singing all of the songs.  I have to see if we have the CD!

We have 5 October birthdays.  Nine from our family attended the performance.

My dad and Olive

Dave's Dad and Marilyn



Joshua and me.  Joshua sat on my lap the whole time (loved it!).  I would whisper what was coming next because his most frequent question was, "Is it over?":)):)  He actually did quite well and enjoyed the singing and the kid scenes!

I didn't realize that all of the pictures of Gabe and Shelly that I took were with her camera!

I baked a second apple pie this morning because the first one was down to one piece by last night!

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Thank you for stopping by. 

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