Wow!  I had so much fun trying out the brand new Stampin' Up! Cookie Press today !

I WISH I could tell you that I did NOTsample the dough…. a LOT!!!

Who wants dinner!!!!

The #125152 cookie press for $16.95 comes with a very nice wooden handle and three "presses": 
One for Halloween.

One for Christmas.

One for Valentines.


I am figuring out Christmas goodies, so today I used the snowflake cookie press.

Here is how it works.

Just roll the dough into little balls and press each one with the cookie press.

Super Easy!!


The first recipe:

This recipe has no egg and is rolled in sugar.  The design didn't stay in this recipe for me as well as the second recipe.  This recipe is a little bit sweeter…too sweet for me but most people would probably love it.

The Second Recipe:

This recipe has an egg yolk and a little more sugar in the recipe because it is not rolled in sugar.  It is plenty sweet!  The image stayed imprinted one the cookie better with this recipe better for me. I got this one a little bit too brown, but can you see that the image is much more defined?

Notes:  You are suppose to get about 16 cookies out of each recipe, but I got about 25 out of the first recipe and only 20 out of the second recipe.  I think that I will make them a little bit larger next time, but not much. Look below to see how I am going to present it as a little Christmas Treat.  I don't have any clear wrap n my home today. When I give these away, the cookie will be wrapped with a clear wrap so that the cookie will show up nicely and be kept sanitary.  If you make them too much larger, you wil have a lot of cookie without any print on it.

Click here to find instructions for the cookie holder.

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Thank you for stopping by. 

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