Since I have my quarterly meeting on Saturday and have been so busy getting ready for it, I decided to play for part of the day today.  So Shelly and I picked up Joshua from kindergarten and took the kids to a wild life reserve up in Sylmar. 

Oh my!  It was HOT!  But we had a lot of water and it was just fun being together and seeing how enthusiastic the kids were about seeing the animals.

Here is the tortise that greeted us first thing.  All thngs considered, he was moving pretty fast!


And here is someone who DOES move really fast.


Look how brave Jeremy and Joshua are! Joshua is actually petting an alligator!



When Shelly saw Joshua walking toward that alligator, she was ready to yank him back and give her life to save him.

Then she realized that the alligator was fake!  Her heart was pounding for awhile after that one!

There were some real alligators on the other side of the ropes and that is where they stayed.

Then we went in to see some reptiles.  You can see how hot Jaelyn is.


All three kids were fascinated with the different colors and sizes of Pythons and frogs and lizards etc.


Here is a leopard that was there in the reserve:).


Hmmmmmmmm….I think I've seen him before!

Anyway, we had a great afternoon.

So, back to work on Friday!

I will have a lot of new ideas for you next week from my meeting coming up on Saturday.

Thank you for stopping by!

Thank you for stopping by. 

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