We know what the Polka Dots look like if you place the entire piece of card stock

into the Impressions Folder. 

But what happens if you place the card stock into the Impressions Folder from the side so that the entire card front is not covered by the polka dots?

You get "polka dot relief"!



If you look at the top and the bottom of the card at the top, you will see that there is space that is not "polka-dotted". Now when you look again at the way I placed the card stock into the impressions folder, you'll see how I did it.  The top half of the card is in the folder.  You see the back of the card on top of the folder.

It is easy to do and it rescues the completed card from being "over polka-dotted".

I originally did put the entire card front through the folder and there definitely too many polka dots–for this card anyway, for my taste anyway!

(I did polka dot the wing and mount it with a dimensional, but it doesn't show up in the picture.)

If you want to try going the way around the square with the scallop trim corner and border punches, start with a 2 3/8" square to end up with the same size that I used for this particular card.

Start with the four corners and then go back and use the scallop border on each side.

PRACTICE!!:) You will be able to do it before you know it!

Please e-mail me if you have any questions about it!

Thank you for stopping by!

Thank you for stopping by. 

Please e-mail me if you have any questions or feedback